A wedding portrait of a couple at York Beach, Maine. Portsmouth NH wedding, Boston wedding, Boston wedding photographer

A Portsmouth, NH Wedding at Jimmy’s Jazz and Blues Club

Laura and Lou’s Jimmy’s Jazz and Blues Club wedding in Portsmouth, NH was a celebration filled with heartwarming, intimate moments and core memories. When we arrived at Lou’s parent’s gorgeous York, Maine home on the ocean, we were immediately greeted by the sound of Laura and friends from various walks of her life laughing and celebrating. Though it was merely a group of twenty-ish women, they packed in a whole lot of joy and excitement while Laura received the finishing touches on her hair and makeup.

The sense of community that is so palpable on the wedding day, the friends and family that all come together to celebrate someone they love, is an observation that always makes me a little emotional because of how incredible it feels to be a part of. One of the most touching aspects of this day was Laura’s special connection with her uncle, Clark. After the couples’ private first look, Laura turned the corner and was greeted by Clark’s enthusiastic approval of, “You look awesome!,” setting the tone for the day. 

Couple's wedding portraits in York Beach, Maine, New England. Portsmouth, NH wedding photographer. Boston wedding photographer

Despite the looming threat of a hurricane (which thankfully skirted away from the coast!), Brittney and I seized the opportunity to get some portraits of Laura and Lou by the ocean, before the ceremony. As the sun broke through the clouds and patches of blue sky peeked through, we ran out and leaned into the wind instead of fighting it. Laura kicked off her heels, waved to a couple of cars passing by and strolled along the beach with her soon to be husband. I absolutely love it when couples can relax into each other and completely forget that I’m there, and that’s exactly what Laura and Lou did. They reveled in the moment, holding each other. Lou’s navy suit and complementary bow-tie stood out so well against the tan sandy shores and wispy clouds while the wind played with Laura’s pearl-studded veil, adding an ethereal touch to their portraits. 

Standing underneath the two large restored stained-glass windows inside Jimmy’s, Lou watched as Clark walked Laura down the aisle, Clark’s eyes brimming with pride and love. Before exchanging vows, Laura leaned in and affectionately adjusted Lou’s slightly askew bow tie, giving everyone a laugh. Their ceremony was filled with light-hearted moments, tender vows, and a breakout of applause at their first kiss. As Laura and Lou exited their ceremony, the golden, pre-sunset rays broke through the windows. As guests headed to cocktail hour, the three of us went up to the roof. The setting sun bathed downtown Portsmouth in rich reds and golden yellows, the last thing we expected with a hurricane in the forecast.

The festivities continued well into the evening as everyone danced the night away to Clockwork Boston, who had everyone out of their seats. At some point in the evening, to Laura and Lou’s surprise, Clark joined the band on stage for a drum solo. The dance floor pulsated with energy and connection as everyone cheered and danced, making it clear the party was nowhere near over. 

Creative Partners:

Planning and Design: Blissful Beginnings

Venue: Jimmy’s Jazz and Blues Club

Photography: Anna Solo Photography

Videography: Austin Wilder

Hair: Jen Conway

Makeup: Joya Beauty

Florals: Flower Kiosk

Entertainment: Clockwork Boston


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