My passion lies in using photography as a

storytelling form, and the power of images

With every collaboration, I strive to achieve a collection of images that can transport you back to all the same emotions you felt on one of the most important days of your life. It's important for me to capture you in a way that makes you feel like the absolute best version of yourself, by getting to know who you are and what you value. 

 to preserve moments and memories.

I spent most of my young adult life roaming the city and in darkrooms developing my craft. Through college at the Rochester Institute of Technology and in my early career, I channeled my storytelling into editorial photojournalism, traveling to produce work for newspapers, documentaries, and other media. When I found weddings as another avenue for storytelling, I was immediately drawn to the raw emotions of the day. Weddings are the ultimate documentary, and each couple inspires me to get to know them deeply to faithfully tell their story.

Global Wedding and Editorial Photographer

I developed a love for

meaninGful stories

When I'm not shooting for work, I recharge by adventuring, seeing as much of the world as possible (I've been to six continents and have big plans for the seventh), and I love to return home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire ready to dive into new projects. I'm inspired by passionate people, travel, spending time with my sweet dog, Brooklyn, reading a good book, and a great cocktail.

I first decided I wanted to be a photographer after an eight-grade project on Jacob Riis, whose impactful images exposed the deplorable state of tenement life in late 19th century New York City, leading to laws that improved living conditions. To this day, I still believe in the power of photography to drive change, and I love working with organizations who are committed to helping make the world a better place.

To me, it's important to use

photography as a means to give back.


A part of the team since 2019, Brittney brings more than ten years of photojournalism experience and strives to tell a story with each photograph. With an arsenal of pop culture references and a door-to-door salesman’s ability to talk to just about anyone, Brittney aims to make everyone as comfortable as possible in front of a camera. She feels honored to photograph moments whether they’re quiet and intimate or joyful and celebratory. On a shoot, you'll find her not just behind the camera, but also calmly fixing any unexpected wardrobe, hair, or makeup disaster.


She has a special eye for the beautiful touches that will make your


Allison and Cliff

There's nothing more important to us than authentic human connection. We seek authenticity in our work and in all our relationships. 


This one is simple: be kind.


No matter how big or small, we're passionate about each and every project we undertake.


We're not your vendor; we're your friends.


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