A Classic New England Wedding at Strawbery Banke

I first met Helen and Bryan when I photographed their beachside proposal in Rye, NH in 2020. Bryan found me on Instagram, told me about about his plans, met with me to confirm all the details, and together we made a plan. That evening, I got a text from him: “Helen found you on Instagram too and I think she’s going to reach out about a couples shoot. Play dumb.” Though I loved how on the same page they were, I was also terrified. What if this all went sideways and we somehow ruined the surprise? Luckily, Bryan knows his now-wife VERY well. He told me exactly what to anticipate and as Helen and I planned the shoot that she thought she had booked, I could tell she didn’t have a clue about what was coming. Long story just a little bit less long, we had an incredible sunset shoot on the rocks by the ocean and the two of them rode off into the sunset on Bryan’s motorcycle, engaged.

On May 15, 2021, Helen and Bryan woke up to a perfect spring day. The sun was shining for their first look outside of the Little Harbor Chapel in Portsmouth, followed by an intimate ceremony inside. Before heading to their reception at Strawbery Banke, we spent some time getting beautiful portraits of the two of them in some of their favorite downtown Portsmouth locations, ending in front of the North Church, where they were met with applause from locals and tourists. Anyone that’s seen Helen and Bryan zooming around town on Bryan’s motorcycle, or walking their two handsome dogs, can attest to how stunning they are. They were born to be photographed and the depth of their connection is evident in every frame.


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